Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Trending Tuesdays ( continuation from veronicas vibes )

I apologize for the major delay, I had some technical difficulties in life shall I say :/ Yet I promise to catch you up on all of it. Basically This post will show you how I can not rock veronica's style, and how only she can pull this look off. Some styles are meant only for certain people, and certain people only. This vintage dress she found and this amazing Aborigine woman's place in Soho. This woman is seriously magical and wears face paint is like 2 feet tall, and I swear shes casting voodoo as you shop yet at the same time shes the most hilarious, talented, and amazing woman for finding all these unique pieces around the world. Only problem is she markets them sky rocket high, guess you have to to pay rent in Manhattan. As for the blog I will post asap about my trip Miami for Ultra, My farewell to New York temporarily ;) in the Hamptons, Botanical Gardens, and Nightlife, and then of course my fiesta in Coachella. Not to mention all the fun crazy sunshine shots, and collections that I am collaborating here back in Cali. Super, Super excited for what is to come sorry for the major delay and I promise amazing stuff is to come. I will promise you this .. I will definitely be posting 8 post this month to catch up for the loss of April, and I will also start a few new weekly things, like whats trending Tuesdays, and 3 ways to wear Thursdays. So stay tuned my loves .... xxo