Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Who Wears Short Shorts



New Yorkers kept telling me im cold, and I must have forgot the rest of my clothes. Although for me its beauty over pain. To be honest I think my blood has thickened this cold air doesnt faze me. No longer do I need my gloves and I can finally wear shorts. I understand how luap can wear only tights in below zero. Its called adaptation ;) Today I wore vintage boyfriend cutoff shorts and tights with leggings that I chopped into thigh highs over them. My favorite look! ive gotten a lot of compliments. Boots are Necessary Clothing, which I think roughen up any look. Rings are an estate sell turquoise ring, and my favorite Low Luv double bone. I absolutely love this look cause with these soft hues it really makes a for a comfy but complementing outfit.  I paired my gfs pink top with a green overcoat to match the greenblue thigh highs and it made it all come together.  Another crisp day in New York City. Till nxt time, stay stylish!

Monday, January 27, 2014

F#$% Your California Palm Trees

Really missing home, especially when everyone is posting pictures of sunny California palm tress every minute. Not to mention most NYC bloggers are flying to LA and posting pictures in Venice. Sucks because I feel like I was just home yesterday, then I realize I have been here for over two months. Yet I am so adamant to stay until the cherry blossom tress blossom. After that and a quick boat ride in central park with a little beach sesh in the Hamptons, and maybe a trip to Atlantic city, Then I am out! back on the first plain to Cali. I must say though Brooklyn does has it perks. This weekend I decided to have an adventure and bust a mish to supposedly good Mexican food, since Nyc way over loads their Mexican food with sour cream, and does not have any real flavor. I was told it was off the Morgan stop then quickly realized after having a mild case of hypothermia that it was off the Jefferson. I got to my destination 8 blocks and negative degress later only to not be satisfied but I did not give up I asked the cooks, and they referred me to another called El pisa which was only a couple blocks form there and then finally had the most amazing horchata yum! Yet didnt forget about you guys in all the midst. I frooze my butt again to show you a winter fave outfit of mine. Plaid and spikes. As I told you in the previous post I was dying to get those boots so I ended up getting them the next day  Dolce Vita  with alligator suede and spikes along the heel. Seriously these ankle boots are to die for and so comfortable. The dress was thrifted from Good Will , and the rabbit tail necklace was made by me, but unforunately someone stole it at the club. Russian Fuzzy hat was my girl friends and black fur is my moms from the 80s seriously the most beautifullest coat i own never want to take it off it keeps me so warm. I finally got to hang up my hats cause im ina dgaf mood with my roomie and am very proud to see them displayed. If you have any questions per which and where they are from don't hesitate to ask. till next week xoxo

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Forbidden Frost



Today was a good day! I apologize for not updating as I said I would do, "Four post a month" but i have been so productive and busy that I haven't had the chance. I am finally doing really well at acting, and got a job doing hair in the city. I can not wait to go full throttle with it. Today I decided I will do at least two blog post this week, and one the following to catch up. Also when the weather warms up I will be able to do more, with my clothes. Although I do truly love how beautiful these shots are in the snow. Yet this does mean my ass freezes for you to take them, so enjoy! Above are photos I shot in Brooklyn and Union Square. I found an amazing Happy Hour spot, at this cute place called Republic that gives you student discounts ;) I also went shoe shopping with my fellow actors and found these to die for shoes I had to share which will be in next weeks post! Today I wore a leopard vintage fur coat to complement my bright green dress. Everyone loved this coat because it's a total pimp prostitute outfit especially with the fedora. Ha I had to sweeten it up with ruffles, to make the look work. The detail on this dress are amazing, and it is silk too, so feel so comfortable in it. Unfortunately I do not know where it is from because it is a hand me down from my sister. The leggings are House of Holland, and the belt is vintage from my favorite Yosemite thrift. The boots are Charles David which I found through one of my favorite bloggers @frankvinyl.com ! I absolutely adore her creative and relaxed style, plus she is the sweetest girl on the block. You must follow her! Rings are all my sisters Christmas gifts from Sole Society. I think these are a huge trend right now middys, and double stacks. Also of course always a trend is a beautiful drusy. Which by the way next week I will be purchasing one of the most stunning drusys from a shop I pass by every day, on the way to work. Perks of working in the fashion district, so stay tuned! Chan Luu bracelets, and bangles to complete every look, and a Hat that is from a Yosemite shop called The Pines. Today I was pretty much all vintage chic. With the surprising thrill of shooting in what NYC has to offer forbidden frost! Its negative 16 degrees and I am about to continue out into the cold in a cute plaid outfit stay tuned for the next post xoxo

Monday, January 6, 2014

Glitter Spakles & Glamorous NYE

                                                               2014 with the Bestie
                                                    Princess of Qatar & New friends

Chanel, Sparkles, Diamonds, and gold. What an amazing New Years Eve at New Yorks most elite Provocateur. Definitely prefer the patio if you ever go there it reminds me of Les Duex on a Wed night. Oh Night Life you never cease to amaze me for the perfect flashy bubbley excitement. I was so happy to spend my night with the girls, and not have to worry about any silly New Years kiss, for once I was happy to just get all dolled up for myself. Live laugh love and celebrate life with new beginnings and thrive on what is yet to come. I have learned so much in 2013 especially in the last month. My new friends have help me grow so much and set boundaries so that I can understand cognitive dissonance and self justification. To explore life with a open mind, and strive to succeed in not only life but also my career. I have been doing so well in school, and can not wait to put my knowledge to use. Next month I'll start using my other skills, and will hopefully be using both by 2015. I can not wait to come back home and sparkle after growing so much her in New York it truly is a beautiful city, with all its young striving entrepreneurs. As for fashion Ive just been letting it all out both these dresses are thrifted and accesorized with Chanel , Chan Luu, and Vanessa Mooney. Keep posted because my New Year resolution is to keep consistent with these post so get ready for some more fab photos and fashion <3