Friday, December 27, 2013

Candy for Breakfast

Accessories are served

All these stocking stuffers are making me fat so I figure the quicker I eat them the faster I can burn them off .. My mom bought me this cute little elf with stockings made out of marshmallows for legs. So today ive decided to cut its cute little legs to make marshmallows for my hot coco. I absolutely adore this time of year with hot coco and Christmas lights on my fire escape I can really soak it up. In ny its starting to get a little chilly again so ive decided to wear socks over my stockings this style to me is one of my absolute layering favs. Having just the right amount pop out from under your boots is totally chic. My boots are from Steve Madden tops are from TopShop black lace leggings are from Uniclo floral design leggings are from Novella Royale and sparkley leggings are form my favorite local New York Designer Devyn Saughnessy check out her website @  Accessories to feed your soul are from Sole Society another favorite rings gift from my sister. Also the little watch enhancer bracelet is from her site too. The watch of course is Michale Kors , and the little alien skull ring and other rings are from Venice Beach Boardwalk . Missing home and the sunsets, but excited for the New Year and what New York will bring <3

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holiday Joy




Holiday partys and things, are always fun when there spent with people you've been getting to know really well for the past month. My little acting group feels like a miny family its great. We fight like siblings, we laugh like lovers, and we make memories like no other. I am really enjoying my experience in New York, and glad I brought a little chunk of my closet to express that. Above I am wearing a Nasty Gal Hat, Necessary Clothing Heels, Spell Designs Kimono which I am meaning to get in black and will get when I return to LA. Peach dress by LF, which in my opinion is to die for because it has the perfect flow with this New York cold breeze, it also has the perfect rouge waistline. Normally I do not like these but for some reason this puckering is perfectly flattering. I got a lot of attention in the dress and I love that its such a simple statement. As for the accessories a Michael Kors watch I got for Christmas (thank you daddy), and when I took this photo I realized it was too much for the outfit so ended up taking it off. Although I do  love this watch, for being perfect to add a little professionalism to any outfit. The rings are of course drusys as usual, and a little diamond belt to match my diamond feather necklace. Ending up being an amazing night and I am still suffering for it. Merry Christmas to all my followers and your families wishing you all the warmest holiday with yours, since I am so far from mine. I send my love <3

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lady in Burgandy



                                         Oh Michael

Michael Kors

                                     LUV AJ♡


                Quartz necklace made by me :)

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

My favorite escape, is a coffee on my fire escape. Right now it is snowing too hard so I am currently bundled up inside sipping my hot coco with Ellie on my lap. Recently ive been really stressed with two finals, a house warming to plan, and five scripts to be memorized & filmed. Busy busy ny lifestyle. Yet I refuse to let this stop my passion for fashion. Recently ive been obssesed with shades of forest green and burgundy. I know that was last years fall colors but according to patone this years are fairly close "samba, and deep lichen". Whatever the case I go with what I like anyways. Above I am wearing a jacket inspired by targetdoesitright which if you havnt added on insta by now you should. Laura and jen make the best fashion collaborations ive seen come out of target, Highly recommended. As for my hat my infamous ASOS. The skirt is American Apparel. Tights House of Holland. Boots Charles David, and accesories are Michael Kors, Luv Aj, Brandy, and me :) super excited ive been collaborating a few pieces with my mom that I am so excited to be sharing with you soon so stay tuned!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

LA girl in a Brooklyn world



                  Topshop & Harem lululemon
                                   LA to NY

Ive got the New York blues, missing LA big time never realized why people hated the idea of living on ny vs la..? Yeh the weather sucks and u have to layer up, which illiminates your freedom to wear anything you want. Although thats actually been fun for me having the challenge of new layers with scarfs and beanies. In my opinion what sucks the most is the customer service and lack of closet space that reeeallyy sucks! Its the over crowed subways and cranky people whom have walked off their calorie intake and need a slice of pizza. It is the fact that even after all bacteria is frozen over, it is still the dirtiest city of all! not just from the ginormous rats but also the fact that no where has toliet covers or paper towels. As for the grand finally .. let me say the gas company out here takes 15 days to set up so ive been sleeping in my furs and my groceries are decaying from not being cooked. I do on a lighter note appreciate the hand sanitizer hung religiously on every wall, although think they should supply one in each subway car and taxi! So if u can tell im a bit stressed but slowly becoming a new yorker at a glacial pace. Let me explain while everyone is going ny pace I have still yet to even hang my clothes up. I even bought a exterior closet and it fell apart after I spent 4 hrs putting it together. As you can see above in the before in after, so as for my fashion update ive been a little slow but that hasnt kept me from stubbornly keeping my cali style. Above is same outfit just layered, coat from china and I also bought a maching one in red with a diamond on the bow, coincidencently for ellie at petco NY. The grey under sweater is Topshop NY which in my opinion has a way better selection in comparison to the grove. The pants are my absolute favorite comfort harem pants by lululemon. Love this brand didnt know that they have a business attire line now though.  Went to class and my professor had lululemon slacks to cute. Beanie is forever and sunnies are Hunt and Gather. So in a nutshell this post was inspired by my lazy cold stressed feeling and the need to chill the relax out. Hope ur all having an amazing december ill try and update soon with my busy busy ny lifestyle.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jen of the jungle

 The last sunny days id see in a while were spent in sunny san diego. This dress was one of my favorite vintage finds up in a Yosemite thrift shop, find my best steals there. Accesorized with what I previously had on the day before. This was a last minute trip, rings by sole society and the squished little wrap around is by whiteteeblackdress. Which I got at the blogger event slash fashion show a couple weeks prior for only a buck guess u get what u pay for. The shoes were my favorite birthday gift, from my father by freebird. Ive been lusting these bad boys for months so excited to finally own them. Just in time to rock them around the Christmas tree in New York. My favorite hand me down belt, thrifted from my amazing sister! Whom also got me those bomb @$$ rings for my birthday. Acessorized with my go to Lui speedy, wrapped with a vintage italian silk scarf. One thing i absolutely love doing with handbags is personalizing them to the outfit with an exra pop .. ie. Scarf! Photos were taken in lovely old town where I enjoyed lovely margaritas, gatlic shrimp mmm, wayy to much chips and salsa,  got my giant drusy apraised and most importantly scored on those Peruvian rings, and a quarts necklace with character as my love put it. Which I definitely will be posting in my to come post. Good times wish I could go back soon but till nxt time sunny san diego. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

From Sand to Snow

I am so not ready to leave my perfect beach house to freeze my butt off in the snowstorm that just hit the East coast. As I reminisce, here are a few photos. The beautiful white purse, kimono, and shorts by Spell Designs. Rock necklace by Luv AJ, lipstick and sunglasses Tom Ford and monokini by Sumika collections I will definitely miss LA. This post is in remembrance of always sunny Cali, oh how I'll miss those sunsets.