Monday, January 21, 2013

Bison day

 Finally its getting hot by the beach again, so I was able to wear a light sweater with some cut off shorts :) Had some time off work so I spent the day walking down the street to the local deli/coffee shop. While I was waiting for my food  I noticed this cool bison, I had to photograph. Love this shop sucha chic place I had to check it out. Besides that wild adventure I painted the last of my hairs ends, frosty blue and then next week it will be back to short. Hope you like this little lick of summer. I'll be posting more pics next week. ciao

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Healthy saturday

Nne West ankle sandals, Gucci high waisted pants, Lf crop top

Asos Hat, Sheri Bodell knit sweater, Vintage heirloom pants

Mango sparkling wine, and
Bagel&Locs with spinach tomatoes and onions.
Plus Pretty green eyed Bast

Found myself only posting, on weekends because I am so busy. It is very hard for me to find time to format these post when I am already doing it on instagram 24/7 so if you really wanna stay posted check out my instagram at @Jenifer_Rad. Transitioning from a freezing winter to a blossoming spring. It was a very cold day and I couldn't decide what I wanted to wear. so I just went with cozy, and nothing feels more cozy to me than a soft sweater and heirloom pants with a hat on top off. That you could never go wrong with, the perfect chic look. Anywho hope u like the shots, and keep checking biweekly im going to enjoy some more wine  :p

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lazy Sunday


SOLD OUT Zara Booties & Jeffrey Campbell Rumble Fringe Boots

Zara Booties, faux leather NC pants, Madewell stripe zip Tshirt

              Today was a very slow day hung over from my sisters party last night. decided hues of blue would brighten my mood. I decided to wear this short long opaque cobalt blue skirt from american apparel. with my favorite zara booties which you will see me wear a lot .. zara always has the best steals. I decided to wear an ASOS hat to spice it up and an anthropology caridgan to dress it down. You can always add a sweater or a few accessories with dark merlot lips stick to either make a outfit be flirty and pop, and or more comfy and casual.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


          I want to start this blog off with where I am at this point in time in my life. I am in bed cozier than ever cause I just bought the softest most comfiest faux fur blankets for my bed. If you ever need to feel more at home you must go to Home Goods they have hands down the best quality, designers, and price around. I bought this fluffy throw and flannel Ralph Lauren bed sheets. To die for comfort. As for my outfit its been very cold these days so I wanted to have warmth, with a little innocent seduction touch. My suspender tights are from House of Holland, and my larger than normal sequins skirt is from ASOS. This skirt  reminds me of the fish scales in Rainbow Fish, a book I read as a child growing up, one of my favorites. Well off to sleep I am in my more than comfortable mood with little fluff muffin Ellie, and my nice glass of Petite Sirah from Lorimar Winery :) thanx daddy xoxo