Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Challenge Excepted

Today I excepted the challenge to try and spin Victoria's style with my own twist I did this by finding a tribal anthropology type kimono from my late grandmother's closet. This piece I absolutely adore and decided to pair it with some Calli beach vibe. A Belted fedora with some cut up jeans always does the trick. To accessorize I added a quartz necklace and some braided bracelets.Today was a laid back day with my hubby. Beach, ice cream cones, and the drive in theater kinda day. Super pooped and so ready for bed enjoy.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cowgirl in NYC

After realizing I could not replicate someone Else's style, I realized it was best to stick to my own. This beautiful dress is an Arnhem Clothing vintage, some of their amazing range from a couple years back. Love this Australian designer company. That's not the only Australian thing I love, I also love my amazing new mates I bonded with who I had a kick ass time in the Hamptons with. My trip to the Hamptons before my big bon voyage back to Cali was unforgettable. Had an amazing trip visiting some amazing wineries and seeing what the Hamptons has to offer, not to mention it felt so good to get out of the concrete jungle and see some greenery .. speaking of greenery next weeks post will be showing lots of green so check it out ;)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Macy's says when it's spring in new york

So today I decided to go to the Brooklyn botanical garden to see if the cherry blossoms had blossomed only to find out that it was a Tim Burton garden. All twigs! As we were walking past macys we were astonished by this amazing display of red flowers. Out of all the rose parades I have attended not once have a seen flowers this elegantly placed. Such an amazing day and so ironic that the city's shopping mall would have more flowers than the actual gardens. I wore a fringed poncho over a thick dress to stay warm and accessorized with studs and gems.