Monday, December 29, 2014

The love of blogging

                                            Bye Bye 2014
                                   Solesocity One of a Kind Finds
                   Child Of Wild, & Van De Vort Charity Events
                  Frank Vinyl, Vixen Pop up Boutiques

A huge farewell to 2014, and a look back to realize why I am where I am today. Being a high tech, social media girl, ever since the internet was invented I have been surfing the web. The remembrance of the annoying dial up tone and the little yellow AOL man, we all know this way to well. Being one of the first hundred on Myspace, and coined the "myspacewhore" I reacted quite well to things like live journal, and online diaries. So naturally blogging just clicked. Unfortunately I didn't realize how stressful it was to have a fan base, and girls that bought everything you posted because they wanted to be just like you. Not to be arrogant but I definitely know how hard it is to be a celebrity. The life-style of a fashion blogger is not easy. Constantly in the spot light, and front row at Mercedes Benz fashion week. Girls like Amy Song, and Luanna Perez even get there own fashion lines. Its pretty amazing how far blogging has gone, and the opportunities we've accomplished as bloggers. Now that everyone has a blog its literally used as a social media way to stay connected with the girls.Anyways with that all said my absence last year was due to this. I found serenity in privacy, and really liked not sharing my fashion, location, and lifestyle tips to girls I despised. Yet I also really missed connecting to those girls I love. With that being said I've came to a realization in life that with all good comes bad, and you learn to live with it, to each is own. We are all individuals that makes us unique, and irreplaceable, no matter what uniform attitude or outfit we wear. Majority of humans are alike yet you are the only thing that makes yourself sparkle. This year Id like to continue my blogging with non stop indulgence, with passion for fashion and living a care free lifestyle. Never hold back, never let anything dull your shine, and be proud, confident, and acknowledged of the great person you are. To another Happy, Joyous New Year.