Friday, January 23, 2015

Welcome to 2015

Squash These Squash These beautiful Squash These beautiful blossoms Squash These beautiful blossomSquash These beautiful blossoms is Squash These beautiful ... so my auto type basically just wrote that and I diedied laughing so let's just keep that. Anyways I can't get enough of them and have traveled every where to find them. My last trip down to sd I was hanging with the child of wild crew and L's fiance asked me if my jewels were hers. I felt so complemented cause I've loved her collection since it first started. Yet I've always Ben one to go on the wild side and not flock like a feather. I like one of a kind pieces that not everyone owns. this is why I stopped buying spell designs and veer more towards smaller boutique brands. Very excited for what lies ahead in 2015, with my new adventures and job opportunities. I'm looking forward to collaborate with a few companies to get really cool ideas in to action. Stay tuned xoxo