Saturday, October 17, 2015

Today was such a festive day for cliquot, hot and got a nice tan. Basically every year this is an LA staple. An amazing event to dress up, look pretty, and eat macaroons while sipping champagne. What could be better right ? Meeting perfectly dressed men, with exquisite taste, and or bumping into old flings in my case :/ It was awesome I met some new friends, and enjoyed good jokes with my old. Hung out with celebs and posted up on the vip side. I got to scream Nacho, and laugh with my girls about the announcers lisp. Eat Wolfgang, and Fan myself with free swag. Only bummer is that majority of my friends were Ga so I had to cross back and fourth. This year had marshmallow pink macaroons and a beautiful rose theme, coincidentally my girlfriend Maeva and I were both wearing pink, so our color skew was on point. Good times as always and can't wait till next year thanks Veuve!

Monday, September 7, 2015

LDW is over and now the leaves will turn

Fall is my favorite season of all, pumpkin bagels, spices lattes, hot teas. Sweater weather, here comes leggings season with boots, fur, and scarfs, or just heavy material in general. This style is a heavy viscose and cotton blend dress from London. Not the best idea to wear on a hot summer day, but good for those transitioning breezy beach days. To be honest I'll miss wearing all my bikinis but lets be honest I live in LA I can still vacay up the coast and put the kinis to use. So I am not all that afraid of winter. I have been shopping a lot lately and dying over all these summer sales, because in California you can still put the summer gear to use in winter. Nothing like cut up short jeans and a comfy boyfriend flannel. My ex hates me because I would always steal his but lets be honest, they look better on me ;) With new seasons come new styles, new friends and new adventures. I am currently so busy with new projects that I can't wait to jump into and as should everyone else, because you only live once so put all you got in what we have left in 2015, cause 2016 is creeping around the corner and we ain't getting any younger !!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Yosemite 2015 it was pretty amazing not going to lie, sun chased to the farthest meadow and found a secret lake, packed picnic sandwiches with wine, and sang a long to really girly songs for hours with old friends. Always a good time, and can't wait to go back in spring. The gypsy soul inside of me screams for a good wanderess adventure, and that sip of fresh water is well worth it! The leaves are turning and the snows is about to fall so it was the last time I could really do this. a little wake-boarding before the season turns to snow! can't wait for the last breaths of summer. Till 2016 hope you enjoy the pic xxo

Friday, July 24, 2015

Picnics in July

What a perfect day for Malibu wines, I always love to escape here on the weekends in summer. Get a nice buzz and then pass out on the beach. Its also a nice excuse to dress up with your girlfriends and have a picnic. I don't know if you can tell yet but I'm picnic obsessed and there is nothing better than finding a good Vintage picnic basket to compliment the perfect photo of you and your girlfriends. Summer is full of beach days, winery - botanical picnics, and cinespiea movie nights. So dont forget to tune in for some amazing hidden secret spots. I'll tell you about some of the perfect date spot in LA or just perfect picnic areas for you and your girlfriends. Stay tuned mwah bella xxo

Saturday, June 13, 2015

June bloom


               It's been a while, yet I have to say I have kept my self really busy, and productive lately. I am so happy that I found the most amazing pieces lately, and have pulled together some really special things. My new home is coming together pretty amazingly, and I feel so at peace with what I have turned it into. There is nothing better then fresh sheets, and scents. I am dying over these anthropologie candles and peach scents :) Not to mention its peony season and I can't seem to stop buying them so much joy. Todays outfit I fell instantly for. Asos Hat, Child of Wild Jewels, Rose Bowl flea purse, and free people dress. Looking forward to more summer inspirations, and excited for what lies ahead ... <3

Thursday, May 7, 2015


This weekend consisted of plenty of fringe on top of fringe, bindis, bell bottoms, and non stop partying! from soho house, Rachel zoe, Pandora, Bootsy, Nylon, Jeremy Scott, to Neon Carnival the non stop events were impossible to reach. This left us bouncing from place to place, and missing some good spots. Yet all that mattered was the party of the year and to always end up at Neon Carnival! What a blast, this year I bumped into way to many people, and met some new. From the amazing carnival games to the Ferris wheel, it was definitely and epic one. One guy followed me from tent to tent and was so persistent that he win me a large teddy bear. He kept failing miserably but was very entertaining, apparently he was some famous model ? Johanneshuebl? I had no idea till my girlfriend pointed it out, one of another million reasons why I love this party. You're surrounded by celebrities and you don't even know it everyone is super nice, security is low key and its industry only so everyone's having a blast! Also very similar to coachella its self the celebs are very down to earth and open and thats something thats so beautiful about this event I really love it how open the talent is like florence and the no bra, white tee, bare toenails, and no shoes hippie vibe, and also  kascade in mentioning how he was a native and how he felt like he had returned to his youth. This is really how I feel every year going to coachella its such a tradition that it almost feels like ive grown out of it sad to say. Yet it is still an amazing blessed event to go to. Amazing talent this year, and such friendly kind vibes good people, and new and old friends :) Definitely will return to the desert soon to get that centered earth vibin check out more photos next week !!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

It's all about the road trips, speaking of who is road tripping out to Coachella this weekend ? I sure am, and can not wait for all the exclusive party events from Rachel Zoe, Bootys, Nylon, Jeremy Scott, to Neon Carnival this weekend will be epic! Road trips are always the most adventurous and I always love pulling over for the perfect photo shoot just like the once in a life time shot here! like what are the odds that a train would be passing by and the rain would stop just as Im shooting ... pretty amazing almost blew my hat off! minus the gross mudd on the bottom of my shoes I think it was well worth it! Stay tuned for some coachella post!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday Recap, tons of fun with cute boys and amazing friends. Never had such amazing ribs holy S#@i+. Also all the yummy cocktails and desserts. I decided I can't wear these big hats out at night so why not wear them to a festive event like this. I paired up this ombre hat with a beautiful flowy and ruffley striped romper that I picked up in Australia of course. Let me know what you think, about those bigs hats ?
Loving all these events, and all of the amazing people I know, fun times, tbc xx

Monday, February 23, 2015

Only look foward, never look back

This trip was amazing, and I didn't have any time to stop and look back because there was way to much to see. I definitely will be heading up to San Fran soon to visit all the spots I didn't get to see. It was an on and off Rainy day per usual up there, so I decided to wear a shaggy crop coat to take on and off when cold. We went up to this amazing spot to look at the bridge called Krissy's field and there was a field of daisy's and dandelions, so I decided to wear a dress to match the occasions. Not to mention we blasted Benni Benassi the whole trip. Good times, and can not wait for outside lands! not to mention the other festivals near by like Coachella .. anyone going ?! and is any one going to Burning Man this year ?! they are having a rave on a moving air craft kind of epic if you ask me .. can't wait for summer !!!