Saturday, January 12, 2013

Healthy saturday

Nne West ankle sandals, Gucci high waisted pants, Lf crop top

Asos Hat, Sheri Bodell knit sweater, Vintage heirloom pants

Mango sparkling wine, and
Bagel&Locs with spinach tomatoes and onions.
Plus Pretty green eyed Bast

Found myself only posting, on weekends because I am so busy. It is very hard for me to find time to format these post when I am already doing it on instagram 24/7 so if you really wanna stay posted check out my instagram at @Jenifer_Rad. Transitioning from a freezing winter to a blossoming spring. It was a very cold day and I couldn't decide what I wanted to wear. so I just went with cozy, and nothing feels more cozy to me than a soft sweater and heirloom pants with a hat on top off. That you could never go wrong with, the perfect chic look. Anywho hope u like the shots, and keep checking biweekly im going to enjoy some more wine  :p

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