Thursday, May 7, 2015


This weekend consisted of plenty of fringe on top of fringe, bindis, bell bottoms, and non stop partying! from soho house, Rachel zoe, Pandora, Bootsy, Nylon, Jeremy Scott, to Neon Carnival the non stop events were impossible to reach. This left us bouncing from place to place, and missing some good spots. Yet all that mattered was the party of the year and to always end up at Neon Carnival! What a blast, this year I bumped into way to many people, and met some new. From the amazing carnival games to the Ferris wheel, it was definitely and epic one. One guy followed me from tent to tent and was so persistent that he win me a large teddy bear. He kept failing miserably but was very entertaining, apparently he was some famous model ? Johanneshuebl? I had no idea till my girlfriend pointed it out, one of another million reasons why I love this party. You're surrounded by celebrities and you don't even know it everyone is super nice, security is low key and its industry only so everyone's having a blast! Also very similar to coachella its self the celebs are very down to earth and open and thats something thats so beautiful about this event I really love it how open the talent is like florence and the no bra, white tee, bare toenails, and no shoes hippie vibe, and also  kascade in mentioning how he was a native and how he felt like he had returned to his youth. This is really how I feel every year going to coachella its such a tradition that it almost feels like ive grown out of it sad to say. Yet it is still an amazing blessed event to go to. Amazing talent this year, and such friendly kind vibes good people, and new and old friends :) Definitely will return to the desert soon to get that centered earth vibin check out more photos next week !!

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