Monday, September 7, 2015

LDW is over and now the leaves will turn

Fall is my favorite season of all, pumpkin bagels, spices lattes, hot teas. Sweater weather, here comes leggings season with boots, fur, and scarfs, or just heavy material in general. This style is a heavy viscose and cotton blend dress from London. Not the best idea to wear on a hot summer day, but good for those transitioning breezy beach days. To be honest I'll miss wearing all my bikinis but lets be honest I live in LA I can still vacay up the coast and put the kinis to use. So I am not all that afraid of winter. I have been shopping a lot lately and dying over all these summer sales, because in California you can still put the summer gear to use in winter. Nothing like cut up short jeans and a comfy boyfriend flannel. My ex hates me because I would always steal his but lets be honest, they look better on me ;) With new seasons come new styles, new friends and new adventures. I am currently so busy with new projects that I can't wait to jump into and as should everyone else, because you only live once so put all you got in what we have left in 2015, cause 2016 is creeping around the corner and we ain't getting any younger !!

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  1. I love your look Jenny! Very cool shirt dress!;)