Monday, February 23, 2015

Only look foward, never look back

This trip was amazing, and I didn't have any time to stop and look back because there was way to much to see. I definitely will be heading up to San Fran soon to visit all the spots I didn't get to see. It was an on and off Rainy day per usual up there, so I decided to wear a shaggy crop coat to take on and off when cold. We went up to this amazing spot to look at the bridge called Krissy's field and there was a field of daisy's and dandelions, so I decided to wear a dress to match the occasions. Not to mention we blasted Benni Benassi the whole trip. Good times, and can not wait for outside lands! not to mention the other festivals near by like Coachella .. anyone going ?! and is any one going to Burning Man this year ?! they are having a rave on a moving air craft kind of epic if you ask me .. can't wait for summer !!!

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