Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine Getaway


Never neglect your time to reflect, I always try and take time out of my busy schedule to go back up north and absorb the fresh air of the evergreen. Fresh crisp forest air, good food, and beautiful creatures. I fed a wild wolf apples, and she walked right up to me. she was such a delicate but dangerous sweetie. There is something so breathe taking to see a wild creature be so trusting. I felt my inner Pocahontas coming out, not to mention I am part Cherokee so I really felt in touch with my roots. I need to take more time out of my life to come up here. Hiking to the top of a mountain to find a historical redwood tree with good friends and loved ones is hands down the one of the best experiences you'll have of your life. It was warm enough to wear a flowy kimono, over some lacey shorts and paired in some yellow wedges to match this Australian beauty. Amazing Trip stay tuned for more photos :)


  1. Great blog ! Beautiful photos :)

  2. I love your jacket Jenny! Gorgeous print!