Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holiday Joy




Holiday partys and things, are always fun when there spent with people you've been getting to know really well for the past month. My little acting group feels like a miny family its great. We fight like siblings, we laugh like lovers, and we make memories like no other. I am really enjoying my experience in New York, and glad I brought a little chunk of my closet to express that. Above I am wearing a Nasty Gal Hat, Necessary Clothing Heels, Spell Designs Kimono which I am meaning to get in black and will get when I return to LA. Peach dress by LF, which in my opinion is to die for because it has the perfect flow with this New York cold breeze, it also has the perfect rouge waistline. Normally I do not like these but for some reason this puckering is perfectly flattering. I got a lot of attention in the dress and I love that its such a simple statement. As for the accessories a Michael Kors watch I got for Christmas (thank you daddy), and when I took this photo I realized it was too much for the outfit so ended up taking it off. Although I do  love this watch, for being perfect to add a little professionalism to any outfit. The rings are of course drusys as usual, and a little diamond belt to match my diamond feather necklace. Ending up being an amazing night and I am still suffering for it. Merry Christmas to all my followers and your families wishing you all the warmest holiday with yours, since I am so far from mine. I send my love <3

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