Thursday, February 13, 2014

New York attire

Its seriously been iced over for the past week, and I really am mad that I havnt taken better photos. I promise by spring time i'll do a blog collab with my girlfriends and use a high quality camera and start making this blog look a lot better. Right now I am trying to focus on getting post up in my busy NY life style. Todays post is all about how to dress in the cold. I have come to realize New York has its own fashion in the cold whether we like it or not. The not so popular but must needed salam head wrap is a huge trend. Due to the fact that your ears will freeze off if not covered you must be creative. Ive been having alot of fun meeting new people and going to amazing parties considering fashion week has been full of them. First photo was from a confetti party, and second was at Benny Benassi's show where I decided to wear Novella Royales playsuit perfect for a fahionable but comfortable look. Acessorized with Spell Designs Dreamweaver my fav that I havn't brought out much due to the weather. Further down the line is my favorite Brooklyn look the classic fedora in black, freddy krueger plaid leggings from Buffalo Exchange ( Chelsea ), and my mothers vintage fur. With a matching fur clutch that basically blends right in with the fur coat.  Nails were this amazingly rad Brooklyn chick whos' go mad chic style, check her out on instagram @ponymaane. Speaking of Rad people my favorite New Yorker will be featured next week in her amazing mothers vintage .. its a beautiful Mink. This girls got fashion of her own, and I will post more on her next, so stay tuned.

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