Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Who Wears Short Shorts



New Yorkers kept telling me im cold, and I must have forgot the rest of my clothes. Although for me its beauty over pain. To be honest I think my blood has thickened this cold air doesnt faze me. No longer do I need my gloves and I can finally wear shorts. I understand how luap can wear only tights in below zero. Its called adaptation ;) Today I wore vintage boyfriend cutoff shorts and tights with leggings that I chopped into thigh highs over them. My favorite look! ive gotten a lot of compliments. Boots are Necessary Clothing, which I think roughen up any look. Rings are an estate sell turquoise ring, and my favorite Low Luv double bone. I absolutely love this look cause with these soft hues it really makes a for a comfy but complementing outfit.  I paired my gfs pink top with a green overcoat to match the greenblue thigh highs and it made it all come together.  Another crisp day in New York City. Till nxt time, stay stylish!

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