Thursday, January 23, 2014

Forbidden Frost



Today was a good day! I apologize for not updating as I said I would do, "Four post a month" but i have been so productive and busy that I haven't had the chance. I am finally doing really well at acting, and got a job doing hair in the city. I can not wait to go full throttle with it. Today I decided I will do at least two blog post this week, and one the following to catch up. Also when the weather warms up I will be able to do more, with my clothes. Although I do truly love how beautiful these shots are in the snow. Yet this does mean my ass freezes for you to take them, so enjoy! Above are photos I shot in Brooklyn and Union Square. I found an amazing Happy Hour spot, at this cute place called Republic that gives you student discounts ;) I also went shoe shopping with my fellow actors and found these to die for shoes I had to share which will be in next weeks post! Today I wore a leopard vintage fur coat to complement my bright green dress. Everyone loved this coat because it's a total pimp prostitute outfit especially with the fedora. Ha I had to sweeten it up with ruffles, to make the look work. The detail on this dress are amazing, and it is silk too, so feel so comfortable in it. Unfortunately I do not know where it is from because it is a hand me down from my sister. The leggings are House of Holland, and the belt is vintage from my favorite Yosemite thrift. The boots are Charles David which I found through one of my favorite bloggers ! I absolutely adore her creative and relaxed style, plus she is the sweetest girl on the block. You must follow her! Rings are all my sisters Christmas gifts from Sole Society. I think these are a huge trend right now middys, and double stacks. Also of course always a trend is a beautiful drusy. Which by the way next week I will be purchasing one of the most stunning drusys from a shop I pass by every day, on the way to work. Perks of working in the fashion district, so stay tuned! Chan Luu bracelets, and bangles to complete every look, and a Hat that is from a Yosemite shop called The Pines. Today I was pretty much all vintage chic. With the surprising thrill of shooting in what NYC has to offer forbidden frost! Its negative 16 degrees and I am about to continue out into the cold in a cute plaid outfit stay tuned for the next post xoxo

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