Monday, January 6, 2014

Glitter Spakles & Glamorous NYE

                                                               2014 with the Bestie
                                                    Princess of Qatar & New friends

Chanel, Sparkles, Diamonds, and gold. What an amazing New Years Eve at New Yorks most elite Provocateur. Definitely prefer the patio if you ever go there it reminds me of Les Duex on a Wed night. Oh Night Life you never cease to amaze me for the perfect flashy bubbley excitement. I was so happy to spend my night with the girls, and not have to worry about any silly New Years kiss, for once I was happy to just get all dolled up for myself. Live laugh love and celebrate life with new beginnings and thrive on what is yet to come. I have learned so much in 2013 especially in the last month. My new friends have help me grow so much and set boundaries so that I can understand cognitive dissonance and self justification. To explore life with a open mind, and strive to succeed in not only life but also my career. I have been doing so well in school, and can not wait to put my knowledge to use. Next month I'll start using my other skills, and will hopefully be using both by 2015. I can not wait to come back home and sparkle after growing so much her in New York it truly is a beautiful city, with all its young striving entrepreneurs. As for fashion Ive just been letting it all out both these dresses are thrifted and accesorized with Chanel , Chan Luu, and Vanessa Mooney. Keep posted because my New Year resolution is to keep consistent with these post so get ready for some more fab photos and fashion <3

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